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Jamie Wolf

The Wolf Group International

CEO and Founder


My Story

The Wolf Group International

Consulting and Training: Guiding our clients in creating relevant, practical and meaningful change in their workplace culture

At The Wolf Group, we pride ourselves on guiding our clients to create relevant, practical, and meaningful change in their workplace culture. We offer an evidence-based curriculum that provides solutions for organizations, and the people within them, to align their policies, practices, and procedures. Our four areas of expertise are Diversity Matters, People Leadership, Exceptional Communication, and Ethical Decision-Making and Risk Management.

The Wolf Group is a 2SLGBTQIA+ owned business. Jamie Wolf, CEO, founder, and pedagogical specialist, works collaboratively with clients to ensure content is tailored to their specific needs, regardless of the size or type of organization. Our approach to learning and change is sustainable, accessible, and inclusive. The Wolf Group is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that support our clients in reaching and surpassing their goals.


Specialties: You can see the four specialty areas here. My signature classes are here.



Jamie is the founder and CEO of The Wolf Group International. He is a sociologist, public speaker, facilitator, and trainer who uses his candor and audience-centric presentation style to create environments where learners can authentically engage with the subject matter and each other. After a successful career in senior management where he led large teams in complex organizations, Jamie realized he could have an even greater impact by providing high-quality, experience-based training on topics he is passionate about.

Jamie is an expert in classroom management and pedagogy, both of which make him uniquely qualified to present complex, and sometimes emotionally intense, topics to diverse groups of learners. He specializes in adapting to the students in his classes, pivoting based on their questions while using proven adult learning techniques to present evidence-based content.

He is a recognized authority in four key areas: Risk Management and Ethical Decision-Making, DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility), People Leadership, and Conscious Communication. On these and other topics, Jamie has taught over 4,000 students a year for the past 17 years. He is a skillful communicator who places high value on building relationships, exceeding expectations, leading by example, and responsibly navigating cultural evolutions in the workplace.

Jamie is grateful for the life he has created for himself in the Pacific Northwest where he lives on a five-acre farm on a beautiful island. He enjoys beekeeping, walks in the woods with his dogs, photography, and boating. Jamie is an avid reader, lifelong learner, transgender man, and proud member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Island Consulting and Training: I am also the CEO and Founder of another training company, Island Training and Consulting which was founded in 2006. That business focuses on training and consulting with educators, therapists, social services organizations, CBOs, attorneys, law enforcement (I was on the management team and the training manager for a probation department of 600. Now, retired). You can read my bio for that company here.

Presently, I am doing a lot of work with Queer groups in addition to training and sit on the BOD for Journeymen|One Village, provide facilitation for lots of CBOs including women's groups which may sound odd but I lived as a female presenting person for 54 years. So, that is my superpower and I treasure that work. I am also an NVC (Non Violent Communication) practitioner and walk that walk and do quite a bit of teaching about that as well.

I have 25 years of stage experience in classrooms from 1-350 and am a pedagogical expert and great in classrooms. Working with law enforcement has honed my skills in many ways although I want to move away from that world as transitioning in LE has not been fun.


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