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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer L Wiley founded The Jennifer Experience in 2014, but she began her journey with Christian ministry in 1999. During this time she developed a true passion to highlight what she feels is the most important part of God and that’s his LOVE for ALL of us. As time progressed she developed a passion to help people navigate through life, love, and relationships. In this, she found her true calling, Life Coaching. She created The Dating Expo and The Love Without Limits Club and has organized several social events to help single individuals regardless of sexuality find that special one. As a certified life coach and ordained minister, she hosted Marry Me At Pride in NYC in 2015 to allow Lesbians couples to have a more spiritual and personal wedding.

Jennifer feels it’s her mission to remind everyone of the power of what love can do, but she also knows that it takes work to navigate through relationships. Her most enjoyable work is to help individuals and families through life’s difficult moments. Jennifer has had many difficult moments in her life. She is a rape/sexual abuse survivor and she survived being homeless and living in foster care. Currently, Jennifer is pursuing her doctorate in psychology at Capella University. Upon completion, she intends to transfer into full-time holistic therapy practice.

In 2020, Jennifer’s 14-year-old niece went missing in Houston. Through her efforts to find her niece, she was exposed to the world of human trafficking. After this experience, Jennifer co-founded She’s Still Missing, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating underage human trafficking and child exploitation.

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"What I have learned to do is see beyond limitations and I want to help you do the same"

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