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Meet Jennifer

Hello, I'm Jennifer Dean-Wiley (she/her/hers), a certified life coach and ordained minister dedicated to offering Mental Health Coaching Services to individuals, families, and married couples. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Capella University and a Master's in Clinical Health Counseling from The University of Southwest. I am currently pursuing my doctorate in psychology.

My mission is to empower and advocate for the emotional well-being of sexual assault survivors and the LGBTQIA+ community. I founded The Jennifer Experience™ in 2014, inspired by my passion to help people especially in the LGTBQIA+ community navigate through life, love, and relationships. I provide diversity and inclusion training for companies, consult on policy development, and offer guidance on engaging with the LGBTQIA+ community.

My journey in Christian ministry began in 1999, where I developed a deep understanding of the most valuable part - Jesus is for everyone and God’s love is abounding. It wasn’t until someone paid me my true worth that I understood my passion can pay me. As I progressed, I realized that my true calling was life coaching, which led me to create The Dating Expo and The Love Without Limits Club. Through these endeavors, I have organized several social events that have helped single individuals, regardless of their sexuality, find their special someone.

In 2015, I hosted Marry Me At Pride in NYC, which allowed lesbian couples to have a more spiritual and personal wedding ceremony. I work to remind everyone of the transformative power of love and the importance of building strong relationships. I am a firm believer that although love is beautiful, it takes hard work to navigate through life's difficulties, especially in relationships.

I've had many difficult moments in my life. As a rape and sexual abuse survivor, I overcame homelessness and living in foster care. Currently, I am pursuing a doctorate in psychology at Capella University with the intention of transferring into full-time holistic therapy practice. I take pride in breaking generational curses and being the first in my family to achieve many things. 

In 2020, my 14-year-old niece went missing in Houston, and my efforts to find her exposed me to the world of human trafficking. This experience led me to co-found She's Still Missing™, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating underage human trafficking and child exploitation.

Finally, I offer late-night therapy sessions for people who can't sleep due to the pandemic. As a confidant, I offer a virtual listening ear to those who need someone to talk to at night. Overall, my vision is to use my gift to help people build healthy relationships and live their best lives.

Fun facts about me:

✨I am a sneaker fanatic 👟

✨I’m newly married to my wife and I have a teenage son

✨I love traveling, but prefer small crowds

✨ I enjoy live music in small, intimate gatherings and I have an old soul (any Manhattans and Isley Brothers fans out there?).

✨ I'm also a romantic person who believes that love conquers all, with a deep appreciation for Black culture. 

✨ Crime-show fanatic

✨ I’m from a small town called Johnstown, PA

✨ Neat-freak (I can’t think straight with clothes all over my floor!)

✨ Throughout my career, I’ve served 682 clients and officiated the marriages of 189 couples, both in public ceremonies and confidentially.

As your coach, my main goal is to use my skills to help you build healthy relationships and get through the challenges you’re facing. Interested in working together? Let’s talk! Just fill out the form on the contact page, and we'll get back to you within two business days.

What can The Jennifer Experience™ do for you?


"What I have learned to do is see beyond limitations and I want to help you do the same"

An experience that will change your life!


So you want to know what the Jennifer Experience is all about?

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