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Why Not?

Why Now????


It's certainly been a while since some of you have heard from me. As most of you know, I have relocated to Southern California. I must say it's absolutely beautiful here. It's been a desire of mine to live here for some years now; little did I know certain events would propel me to it. With that being said, let's get to the matter at hand......Why Now? Why do a Blog now? Why share some of my most painful lessons with you? Why open up about my experiences and what they have shown me? Why Now?

Honestly, I just feel it's time. My number one passion for a while has been how can I really help people make it through life? Sure I'm a romanticist.....I love, LOVE❤. I believe in love. I also believe most relationships can be worked out. I also love to see people together and love to see them get back together after something tough has happened. So it's safe to say relationships are my thing. Coaching people along in their relationships is something I absolutely would consider myself an expert at. But...........I have learned relationships work or don't work based on the persons in it, their experiences, their conditioning, their way of loving & living. The first relationship that I have found to be the most important is the relationship with YOURSELF. That's right, the relationship between, me, myself and I. I've seen plenty of relationships fail due to a person’s personal issues. Unresolved past issues, guilt, lack of forgiveness, lack of healing, and most of all the lack of love for one's self. So this why now..... above all, I want to help you with you. I've always said that what makes me great at what I do, is because I'VE BEEN THROUGH A LOT OF SHIT.........Some of it, if I choose to share would shock you beyond belief. Many people have often said, Jennifer you are so strong......Truth of the matter is, I've learned how to survive. I've come to appreciate all my lessons, experiences, and loves. I wouldn't be the woman, mother, friend, coach, and lover I am today without them. Some of them damn near drove me crazy, true enough. But in the end, I've always come back to the same point. I simply cannot give up. I can't quit. There has to be sunshine after the rain...........And so, I've decided to share more than I have ever shared before, NOW. I've decided to allow you an up close and personal view of not just me, but also the lessons I've learned since starting TJE that has shaped me. I've had some pretty awesome moments over the last few years. A lot of HIGHS.....A lot of things I am so PROUD of. I've grown in so many ways, learned so much, met a lot of awesome people, and even made some super dope friends. Along with all of that, I've had some very low times too. I've had my heart broken by people I truly love and care for. I've been betrayed by people who I thought would never betray me. I've been exposed to some things that I never want to be exposed to again and learned a lot of information that I wish I hadn't. Never the less......I have survived. It wasn't easy or pretty, but I did. I now want to share my lessons, loves, and experiences with you. My hope is that the knowledge you get....will help.......My hope is that my lessons in and out of love, will help you to love you and others better...........My hope is that my survival will inspire you to keep pushing. I invite you to stay tuned....feel free to subscribe and follow. I can promise that you will laugh at some of my will be shocked at some of my will be inspired by some of stories.........Most of all, you will learn something that I know will help you to see a different and better view of you. Welcome to TJE Blog.

Happy Reading,


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