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The Team

Our Trusted Partners


Linda Kinion

Insurance & Annuities Broker/Financial "Life" Designer

I empower and arm people with financial literacy information that has been held back too long, enabling many people to be able to participate in the Generational Wealth Transfer and partake in significant compound interest growth of their money.


Not knowing certain financial concepts and information early in life, is nobody’s fault when no one has taught you, and some of the information does change over time. I know the importance of having a financial plan and there are many who fail to put a plan in place.  With the volatility of today's market, I am excited about designing successful plans, especially for teachers, that do not put their hard-earned money at risk, and in many cases lessens a tax burden and can passively accrue substantial supplemental income.


Affectionally called "Ms. Linda," I take the holistic approach with teachers, small business owners, and individual families, helping all classes of people. This financial information was not taught in school nor by many parents in the home.  Because of that fact, many people have not reached financial success in a way they could have, had they known.


I passionately share financial concepts with anyone interested and willing to sit down and take in this valuable information. I also break down financial numbers through the magical Personal Financial Checkup (PFC) which is done FREE of charge.  Booking Zoom Call appointments daily and working within each person’s budget, I have helped many of my clients get on a healthier path to financial freedom! Even if it means designing a plan just to pay off debt.


Allow me to schedule a 30 to 45 minute Zoom meeting for you, your family members, or your organization, and to provide factual information giving a financial advantage to many, be it high, middle or lower class individuals.  We accomplish this by Zoom!Feel free to call to schedule 

    Dr. Lazarvius Ferguson 

    Finance Professional

    La’Zarvius Ferguson is a results-driven and tenured Finance professional (16 years industry experience) recognized for strategic planning, development and overall day-to-day management of striving financial departments. He has an innate ability to empower cross-functional teams while boosting morale among colleagues and consumers to achieve common goals. He is well known for his Creative thinking, continually minimizing risks while simultaneously reducing costs, improving operational processes, and increasing profitability. La’Zarvius is well-versed in federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs. He holds the following educational credentials: Doctorate of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration and Leadership, and a Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance. His enthusiasm and passion for the industry makes him a valuable member of any team as he helps families make informed tuition investment decisions. 


    I highly recommend you speak to him before your son or daughter goes off to college. We affectionately call him the “financial aid guru”. Right now we are offering free 15 min consultations with Dr. Ferguson. 


      Natasha Bayaro

      Behavioral Interventionist

      Natasha believes in being able to walk in your truth. She understands sometimes in life we are faced with challenges and battles we are unable to navigate. Natasha understands we live in a society where people's battles are silenced and/or masked. Coaching helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. Natasha believes an internal reality brings forward an external manifestation. Her main priority is being there for her clients alongside their journey. She understands being on a journey where you have no one and you feel alone because of the fear of being judged, disowned, shameful, and not heard. She believes in empowering her clients in reaching self fulfillment and striving for what they define as greatness. Although her approach is directive she is nonjudgmental and allows her clients to have a safe place where they are able to be themselves and heal peacefully. Natasha believes by being her authentic self she is able to build trustworthy relationships with her clients. She describes her authentic self as humorous, genuine, caring, optimistic, honest, and open. With coaching Natasha offers the tools while allowing her clients to be the main narrators of their stories. 


      Natasha graduated from the University of Texas, Arlington with her Bachelors and Masters in Social Work, with a concentration in Children and Families. Natasha has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with children and families in the welfare and juvenile system, autistic community. She has experience in working with adults on probation, individuals with substance abuse, severe mental health diagnosis, learning disabilities, battling homelessness, and traumatic grief, sexual abuse, physical abuse, early childgood trauma, generational trauma, complex trauma, etc. 


      Navigating Breakthroughs was founded because Natasha noticed a lack of support in the autistic community. She understands the barriers and the stress of trying to navigate and find resources to help a loved one. Natasha has the passion to work with the individuals and their families. She understands the battles they face and is here to offer support. An autism diagnosis not only changes the life of the child diagnosed, but also that of family members. Parents it’s okay to feel stressed and overwhelmed, we are here for you. You have a safe place for you to communicate and express your feelings.

      Natasha has an extensive history of supporting people with Autism, working with the families, and providing support and resources.

        Dr. Melody White

        Technology Specialist

        Dr. Melody White has a PhD in information systems. She is the founder and owner of On Your Side Technologies.
        On Your Side Technologies has been in existence since 1996.


        We pride ourselves in understanding our client’s need and helping them achieve their online goals.

        We specialize in website design, redesign, maintenance, SEO, and other auxiliary services such as website hosting and domain name registration.

        We are consistent and can even help you with specialized coding needs.

        On Your Side Technologies: We make technology our life, so you don’t have to make it yours!

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