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Dr. Monique Williams

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My Story

For over 20 years, Dr. Monique Williams has dedicated 100% of her career to the empowerment of the forgotten and underserved in our global community. This commitment is reflective of her upbringing by parents who selflessly served the most vulnerable with great humility and immeasurable joy. Dr. Williams graduated from Howard University, Duke University and Creighton University with degrees in Business Administration, Theology and Educational Leadership respectively. Her academic journey served as a springboard for her professional trajectory in organizational and leadership development, corporate training, strategic partnerships, team building and public speaking. Each of these skills have been applied to supporting organizations that protect and provide for senior citizens, children and youth in foster care, victims of violence, the unhoused and ex-offenders.

Currently, Dr. Williams serves as the Chief Advancement Officer at Bread of Life, Inc. In this role she builds partnerships, nurtures interdepartmental collaboration, leads internal and external communication and marketing plans and facilitates mission-centric programs and events. In August 2023, Dr. Williams was honored to host the groundbreaking event of a building donated by the Knowles-Rowland family. At this ceremony, Beyonce Knowles, the Queen Bee herself, graced the event with her presence and gave her blessing for this new housing unit that would serve 31 of the most vulnerable unhoused residents in the Houston community. Dr. Williams is known as a prolific speaker, advocate and transformative leader in both the corporate, grassroots, non-profit and religious spaces.

Beyond the desk, Dr. Williams is a lover of food and nature. In 2019, these loves were rekindled as a result of her younger brother’s cancer diagnosis. Discovering that she was a likely candidate for a stem cell donation that could potentially save her brother’s life, Dr. Williams rediscovered God in nature and became a vegan to prepare her body for this life saving donation. As life would have it, Dr. Williams did not have to donate stem cells because her brother was able to produce his own. The sacrifice she made was for him, but the change was meant for her.

These two choices birthed two initiatives, The Heir+Loom Foundation and Lil’ Mama Big Chef. The Heir+Loom Foundation is a 501c3 dedicated to preserving her 100-year-old family land and teaching others to find God in the soil. Lil’ Mama Big Chef is the moniker she chose to showcase a creative, culturally-relevant and financially accessible plant-based lifestyle on Instagram. And she is not through yet. Dr. Williams believes in grasping life for all that God has intended it to be and blooming where one is planted.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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