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Linda Kinion

Insurance & Annuities Broker/Financial "Life" Designer

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My Story

I empower and arm people with financial literacy information that has been held back too long, enabling many people to be able to participate in the Generational Wealth Transfer and partake in significant compound interest growth of their money.


Not knowing certain financial concepts and information early in life, is nobody’s fault when no one has taught you, and some of the information does change over time. I know the importance of having a financial plan and there are many who fail to put a plan in place.  With the volatility of today's market, I am excited about designing successful plans, especially for teachers, that do not put their hard-earned money at risk, and in many cases lessens a tax burden and can passively accrue substantial supplemental income.


Affectionally called "Ms. Linda," I take the holistic approach with teachers, small business owners, and individual families, helping all classes of people. This financial information was not taught in school nor by many parents in the home.  Because of that fact, many people have not reached financial success in a way they could have, had they known.


I passionately share financial concepts with anyone interested and willing to sit down and take in this valuable information. I also break down financial numbers through the magical Personal Financial Checkup (PFC) which is done FREE of charge.  Booking Zoom Call appointments daily and working within each person’s budget, I have helped many of my clients get on a healthier path to financial freedom! Even if it means designing a plan just to pay off debt.


Allow me to schedule a 30 to 45 minute Zoom meeting for you, your family members, or your organization, and to provide factual information giving a financial advantage to many, be it high, middle or lower class individuals.  We accomplish this by Zoom!Feel free to call to schedule 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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