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Tori Autumn

Marketing Specialist
Direct booking link:

● Social media captions
● Professionally-written bios
● PR outreach
● Websites
● Newsletters
● Promotional language for products and services

My Story

Tori Autumn is an email strategist and copywriter committed to helping coaches and
course creators grow impactful businesses through sharing their heartfelt messaging.

She has worked with many women entrepreneurs to launch, create and sell services via
emails, website copy, and sales pages-- some resulting in $100K and close to a
million-dollar launches, just to name a few!

Tori has combined her 8+ years in journalism, PR/media, persuasive writing, and
self-love coaching into writing copy that gets your audience to fall in love with your
services. You can grab her free promo and nurture templates for coaches and course
creators at

She has been a repeated speaker in business masterminds, memberships, on the Goal
Digger Podcast
, and on The Copywriter Club Podcast, the world’s #1 podcast for

Tori is committed to making integrity, confidence, and equality accessible to all women,


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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